Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Edamame at the H Mart

Edamame is the perfect example of the fun that you can have in the freezers at the H Mart in Catonsville.

Bags costs as little as $1.  They stay in your freezer for months.  You just steam them up when you want a snack, a cool starter for a fancy dinner, or a little green to create a full meal from soup or takeout sushi.

Edamame are just soybeans.  I prefer the bags of beans still in their pods.  Drain them from the boiling water and dust the damp pods with salt.  The sea salt from William Sonoma is a delicious extravagance.  You squeeze the pods with your teeth so that the soybeans go in your mouth and just a taste of the salt gets to your tongue.

Edamame were part of my "10 easy pick-ups at H Mart," and they're available as appetizers at Japanese places like Sushi King.  If you're inspired by edamame, you should look all around the H Mart -- my favorite place for food.

H Mart
800 N. Rolling Road
Catonsville, MD 21228

NEAR: Rte 40 just west of I-695. If you are driving from HoCo, you'll see a Starbucks and a FedEx at the end of the shopping center. Turn right immediately after the Starbucks. If you miss it, just turn right at the next intersection.


Anonymous said...

Don't boil them, steam them!! :)

The reason I steam them is because I feel like steaming retains there nice fuzzy texture. I believe many sushi places also steam them.

Anonymous said...

Hmart no longer has self-serve panchan in the corner of the store (where the kimchi is). But they do now have MSG-free kimchi, and not just the expensive imported brand. A few of the domestic-made kimchi buckets will have "No MSG" stickers on them. If you don't see it, just look again on your next visit. They only have a few of those.