Monday, April 13, 2009

Harris Teeter in Fulton Update

The exterior of the Harris Teeter in Maple Lawn appears to be almost finished, although I can't find anything predicting an opening before Fall 2009.

Maple Lawn has built the roads for an entire shopping area off Rte 216 in Fulton. Mrs. HowChow and I drove around on Easter Sunday. You can wind your way all the way around the Harris Teeter and through an area that will one day host a collection of other stores. It even connects to the existing commercial area.

The Harris Teeter's brick exterior looks complete. The entryway is covered with plywood, so you can't see inside. But the parking spots have been painted, and the outside looks cleaned up, swept, and even landscaped in spots. It looks like one contractor finished its portion of the job. Anyone know more?

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