Friday, April 17, 2009

Comments about Cha Ya Thai, Coal Fired Pizza and More

News and opinions are pouring in from people who leave great comments. I'm highlighting some recent ones, including pizza updates and a review of Cha Ya Thai Sushi on McGaw Road in Columbia.

So far, our favorite dish is the duck with coconut milk curry. Wonderful duck, cooked and chopped in the traditional style, then added to an incredible curry. It comes out moist and tender, tasting like duck of course, but with the lightness of the coconut and the spice of the curry to balance the fat of the duck. Very impressive.

We also had hibachi chicken, which took a bit longer to prepare than other dishes, but had that wonderful charcoal flavor and a great sauce, along with grilled veggies. They make some really impressive sushi rolls, too. They have the obligatory Chow Fun, which they call "Drunken Noodles", done very nicely and doesn't leave you with a puddle of grease when you are done. Still working our way through other dishes.

Cha Ya has the most spectacular rolls I've ever seen. Everything from simple California rolls to bizarre assemblies with pureed fish in the rice, crisp wrapping around it and layers of various raw fish on top of that. They use a variety of sauces, too. With the bigger ones, one could be an entire meal.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever figure out how to replicate that plum soda? I can't get it right, either. Please please please keep us updated. Thanks.

dzoey said...

This post got me to try Cha Ya. Had a hamachi roll and cashew chicken. The hamachi was acceptable, but the cashew chicken was excellent. Very tasty with the right amount of cashews and peppers. Plus, they have Ramune to drink and J-Pop playing in the background.

Anonymous said...

You are leaving out a few restaurants that have extremely poor sanitation.I have had an ongoing battle with the Heath Department to get them up to speed, they are not enforcing the law in quite a few places despite the Dirty Dining stories on Channel 2 news and the Sun. I think if more people knew about this they would not be so happy with the current situation. It's a dirty little secret