Monday, April 6, 2009

Link: The Sun on Looney's in Fulton

The Sun weighed in Thursday with an article about the new Looney's South in Fulton.  I still haven't been, although I'm hoping this could be my local for burgers and wings.

I have been really pleased to see the Maple Lawn parking lots fuller since Looney's open.  I was wondering who had found Looney's until I hit the Sun's nut graph: "Looney's South looks like it will appeal to hard partyers in their 20s and 30s. The bar sits in an outdoor shopping plaza with plenty of parking. Even so, the lot near Looney's was jammed with cars the night I went. A handful of smokers stood outside the bar chatting, and one of them spoke in bar voice."

Tip of the menu to BillZ at Live in Howard County who posted about the Sun article last week.


DAS said...

friend and I ate at Looney's last Wednesday. At 6 p.m., when we arrived, it was packed, and by 6:30 people were waiting for tables. Service was very inconsistent (and not too great), food was good, portions were large, prices weren't bad. Be warned it is very loud.

HowICook said...

To the point, Looney's is a bar. The Sun article doesn't even mention the food. Looney's is new, shiny and has lots of cool technology but it's a bar with decent, good value pub food. The apparent combination of atmosphere and drink specials fills a bar niche that's sadly lacking in Howard County. When Looney's opened I believe that they were trying to be a family restaurant and a local bar. Since the first day they opened, the crowds proved that they're a regional bar.

I too was in Looney's on Wednesday, April 1, shortly after 6:30. I waited 45 minutes for a table. Even when I got to my table the place felt like a bar not a restaurant.

I'm OK with that. I've always wanted a real bar just down the street. From what I can tell, the family part is disappearing or already gone. I even think a lot of the underage staff is disappearing. If it hasn't happened already, the next section to be axed is probably the kids video game area. They should put more tables in the area or better yet add another bar.