Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breakfast Beef at Caezar Market

Halal bacon sounds like joke -- like kosher oysters -- but it's actually an option at the new Caezar International Market in Elkridge.

"Breakfast Beef" is a bacon look-alike made with beef instead of pork. It's a good flavor, although the strips are so thin that they're difficult to get crispy without burning. This is one of the items that I picked up while checking out the new Caezar, which moved from Columbia where it was known as Sizar's.

Breakfast Beef won't replace the pistachio nougat as my favorite item at Caezar. And it won't replace the thick-cut bacon from Laurel Meat Market or the Dutch Country Farmers Market as my favorite breakfast treat. But it's great if you keep halal, and it's just an example of the fun that you could have checking out one of the local ethnic markets. For a few bucks, you can sample something new.

If you like shopping at Caezar International Market for Middle Eastern food, definitely check out all the posts about Mexican food at Lily's Mexican Market.

Ceazar International Market and Restaurant
6801 Douglas Legum Drive
Elkridge, MD 21075
443-755-9442 (market)
442-755-9444 (restaurant)

NEAR: Just off Rte 103 east of U.S. 1. This is just south of Rte 100 and less than two miles from I-95. From Rte 100, you take U.S. 1 south, turn left at the first light onto Rte 103 and follow it as it curves twice. Ceazar is in a shopping center on the left.

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