Thursday, March 19, 2009

India Delight -- Columbia's New Indian Restaurant?

A new restaurant called India Delight may be coming to the shopping center on McGaw Road that has The Green Turtle, Smoothie King and Z Pizza.

On March 4, 2009, the Kaywell Construction Corp. of Fulton (go Fulton! go Fulton!) applied for a building permit at 8874 McGaw Road, according to the county Web site. This is near Apple Ford and the planned Wegmans just south of Rte 175. The permit says it is for "India Delight" and describes alterting existing restaurant space for a new restaurant.

India Delight could replace Orinoco Coffee Shop, California Tortilla or the Atlanta Bread Company. I'm happy to publicize any local restaurants -- especially people trying to bring us new options.

(Update:  It opened in June 2009.  I love comments.  Please post comments about the restaurant on the June post.)

Thanks again to the anonymous commentor who taught me to search the building permits. Please tell me if you figure out any other restaurants under construction. If (for example) you were wondering if coal-fired pizza is coming to Shipley's Grant, you could type the address of the building into the Howard County Web site and see.

Until India Delight opens, definitely check out the nearby places, including House of India, Akbar and the Mango Grove/Mirchi Wok duplex. Or read my post about Indian Restaurants in Howard County.


John G. Boyle said...

Whew! I'm glad that at least one of those empty spaces will be filled.

I was worried that given the economy, they might stay unoccupied for a while. Great news!

Anonymous said...

Good to see more business down there. That center has really struggled the last few months.

Anonymous said...

there exists an indian delight restaurant in catonsville near university of maryland, baltimore county. it has been there since 1992. 410-744-4422. try it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the building permit tip... Now I know the place that's opening next to Pho Dat Thanh on Snowden River (most recently Boardwalk Burgers and Fries) is called "Azul 17 Restaurant and Bar". No idea what it is though.

Eric said...

A coupon ad was in the Baltimore Sun on Thursday, 25 June. The ad indicates a "Grand Opening" on 12 July (Sunday).

Amy G. said...

We just ate there tonight--it was absolutely delicious! I ordered the shahi paneer, and it was easily the best I've ever had. The sauce was thick and flavorful, and garnished with fresh cilantro and ginger; the paneer was generously portioned and had that "firm but not too firm" texture. The naan was soft and puffy and not the least bit greasy. My husband had the chicken korma--the recipe was a bit different than the standard (he noted that it had a light coconut flavor), but he was very pleased with it as well.

The staff was attentive and courteous (even the chef came out to say hello). We will definitely be going back!

Eric said...

My wife and I went to India Delight for lunch today. My wife liked the fact that they had a lunch buffet on Saturday. We were both pleased and will go back again, though I can't say that it was "outstanding". The staff was attentive and courteous, and we would like to go back for dinner, as there are some interesting looking items on the full menu.