Saturday, June 27, 2009

India Delight in Columbia Appears To Have Opened Quietly

Columbia's newest Indian restaurant appears to have opened quietly -- even while trying to fool the local food blogs with ads about a July 12 grand opening.

Several people left comments about India Delight's ads in the Sun and Post about a July 12 opening, but Amy G. says that she ate there last night and enjoyed herself. Shahi paneer was the best she has ever had. The naan was soft without being greasy. India Delight is on McGaw Road near The Green Turtle and Smoothie King. It replaces the California Tortilla that closed earlier in the year. (Update: Eric posted below Amy G. about the Saturday lunch buffet.)

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Dianne said...

Went there for lunch with a coworker today. When we go for Indian, in the past we have gone to House of India and I think this new establishment will give them a run for their money. The lunch buffet is apparently every day now and the variety was tremendous. As someone else noted, the naan is great, not greasy. There were several chicken dishes, an eggplant dish that was out of this world, several other vegetarian selections. The only thing I did not care for was the texture of the paneer, which seemed more like baby food (although the taste was fine).

The restaurant itself is lovely and they appear to have a full bar for those interested in having that with their meal.

Deblynne said...

We just tried the Mirchi Wok recently and liked it The food all seemed fresh and like it had less fat than some other restaurants that we've tried. It's next to Mango Grove The Mirchi Wok has vegetarian and meat based selections

HowChow said...

Yes, I love Mirchi Wok. One of the original HowChow posts was about Mango Grove and its sibling.

Frank Hecker said...

Inspired by this blog post, we stopped by India Delight for dinner tonight. It's a nice place, definitely comparable to House of India. (Their spicing is a bit more restrained, which might make it more kid-friendly.) Staff were friendly and attentive, and offered a couple of complimentary items (I'll definitely try the mango lassi again). I'd definitely recommend people try this place out.

Anonymous said...

We stopped by today for their lunch buffet and had a great meal. They do have a lot of different dishes to choose from, including some vegetarian selections. As another commenter said, it probably compares most to House of India. Some things that set it apart- They had a dosa station on the buffet line where the chef will cook it right in front of you and it will go straight from the skillet to your plate. One of the reasons I love the Mango Grove is because of the potato dosas that they bring to the table, so it was nice seeing these available here. The other touch I thought was very nice was that they had a large thermos of Chai tea available at the dessert station. The waiters were all friendly and attentive, and like the other Indian restaurants in the area all of the tables were nicely dressed with white tablecloths and cloth napkins. It's definitely a place to try.