Monday, March 23, 2009

Iron Bridge Vandalized Over Foie Gras

Someone shattered windows at the Iron Bridge Wine Company and spray-painted graffiti against the use of foie gras, according to the Sun article posted Monday. The Sun says Tersiguel's already removed the liver because of threats, but the Iron Bridge owners were defiant in their quotes to the Sun.

(Update: Post with photos on Tale of Two Cities.)


BeerGuy said...

I wonder how the same vandals would feel about someone busting their windows because they used the wrong brand of detergent or flew the wrong airline or made any of several hundred questionable decisions in their life that some splinter interest group found lacking?

They need to get a life and find other ways to protect animals without committing a crime.

I'm pretty darn uncomfortable with the idea of foie gras as delicious as it is, but I don't go around busting windows as a means to make myself feel better about that discomfort.

I may not necessarily or fully agree with Iron Bridges decision, but there's ways to remedy that, most obviously in an open and free society through discourse, petition and public reprimand and pressure. Seriously how juvenile is it to damage property and intimidate rational and reasonable citizens and their employees and customers? Those kinds of actions only make someone like myself orders of magnitude more defensive of Iron Bridge and less sympathetic of those with legitimate beef about their practices.

Good grief.

John G. Boyle said...

The HCPD seems to have a pretty decent track record with catching criminals. My fingers are crossed that they'll find whoever did this.

Go Team Wecker!