Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ceazar International Market in Elkridge

The king is dead. Long live the Ceazar.

The Ceazar International Market has opened just off Rte 100 in Elkridge. Under the name Sizar's, this was the king of Middle Eastern grocery stores for more than 13 years in Columbia, and the new store is beautiful.

It's not full yet. The shelves are heavy with the canned and dried goods that range from dried beans to rice, from stuffed eggplants to ghee. The freezers are ready to sell you samosas, cheeses, and Indian curries. But there is still empty space, and they're slowing adding stock to the new location. This is a great place to explore if you want to cook Middle Eastern food or just find ingredients like spices, teas, rose water, or Jallab syrup. Folks there are happy to answer questions or make suggestions.

One of the innovations is a butcher counter, where you'll be able to get goat, lamb, beef, veal and chicken. It's all halal. This is the kind of place where you should go and tell them what you want. The owner was very proud that they aren't freezing meat back there. It's all fresh, and he wants to stock what customers want to buy.

My old standbys have moved from Columbia to Elkridge. It's worth your time to check out Ceazar Market for just the pistachio nougat -- my favorite light candy flavored with nuts and rose water. It's not cheap, but it's so unique and so delicious.

Ceazar opened a restaurant next to the market, which is excellent and extremely friendly. It's Persian food, which was delicious and interestingly different. I'll post a separate review, but I'll talk up the wraps, the samose appetizer and the staff that was happy to answer questions. The restaurant is casual, but the modern dishes and the tablecloths at night reflect the kitchen's clear desire to be more than just a kabob shop.

If you want to read more, click for the starting page for my "What I Learned" guide to food in Howard County.

Ceazar International Market and Restaurant
6801 Douglas Legum Drive
Elkridge, MD 21075
443-755-9442 (market)
442-755-9444 (restaurant)

NEAR: Just off Rte 103 east of U.S. 1. This is just south of Rte 100 and less than two miles from I-95. From Rte 100, you take U.S. 1 south, turn left at the first light onto Rte 103 and follow it as it curves twice. Ceazar is in a shopping center on the left.


Dinosaur Mom said...

Glory be. I have been yearning for middle eastern grub in the Columbia area. Maybe they'll expand their produce offerings?

Anonymous said...

I just ate at Ceazar Restaurant for the first time and loved the service and the food. The Kubideh and Joojeh kabobs are exceptional.

Jack said...

Thanks for the info Chow. I was walking home from a long commute and had planned to pickup some mint sheeshah when my world collapsed and I saw the moving sign and brown paper drapes.

I'll definitely make the trek to Elkridge!