Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bring Joy To Howard County - Or Baltimore

Joy Ike is a Pittsburgh musician who traveling to Baltimore in April.  She is looking for venues to play music -- maybe galleries, artsy bars, or coffee shops.

Joy emailed me asking about Mad City Coffee.  But she is looking for any venue suggestions that have enough room for music and bring in a decent amount of foot traffic.  Joy says she plays an eclectic mix of pop, nu-jazz and neo-soul.

Can  you recommend anywhere that Joy should check out in Ellicott City or Columbia?  Or even Baltimore?  If so, post here -- email her at  For more about Joy, check out her Web site.


BeerGuy said...

I'm not sure her genre of music fits these places, but Judges Bench and Frisco Grille both regularly feature bands and musicians.

Anonymous said...

pub dog has bands and musicians who perform. i think it's either a saturday or sunday night thing.

Anonymous said...

Try Java Grande (the sign outside says Coffee Cafe-- at the intersection of Route 40 and St. Johns Lane. Live music of different varieties all the time, and they sometimes get big crowds, large enough to create parking lot overflow.

Marie said...

Awwwww I didn't mean it that way...I guess my definition for DMV meant accessable by the subway.
Definetly I love coming up to HoCo and I wish I did more often.
Thanks for the Mango Grove suggestion and I'll make sure you it up your blog for suggestions when I'm in the area.

Anonymous said...

I second Jave Grande, even though I hate it when the bands and crowds are there. I understand it's good for business, however.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyonhe who posted! I was able to book a show at Java Grande on April 18th. I think it'll be great so come out if you can.

Thank you!