Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Link: Baltimore City Paper's Restaurant Issue

Baltimore City Paper has posted its restaurant issue for 2009. It's a series of short articles broken down by type of cuisine.

Local mentions include Pioneer Pit Beef (barbecue), Grace Garden (Chinese), and Shin Chon (Korean). This is a nice list. It's a complement to Baltimore Magazine's high-end list with fun places to explore. But it's city-centric, as the paper's name suggests. Couldn't they even mention that Bonaparte Breads has an outpost in Savage?

If you want a similar guide to Howard County, check out the "What I Learned" posts. (Hat tip to Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants, which reported this last week when I was too excited about steak on U.S.1 to rearrange posts.)

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agussman_work said...

What's up with the lack of a Mexican/Tex-mex section in the article? I know I've been pretty disappointed at the Mexican restaurants I've been to in HC, but are all of them in the entire region so bad that there aren't any worth including?

Also, what's up with all the Mexican restaurants in HC having notices in the menu about charging for extra chips? Granted, I don't think I've ever actually been charged for extra chips, but it's still pretty off putting.