Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Link: Baltimore Magazine's Top 50

Five Howard County restaurants make Baltimore Magazine's Top 50 list. Congratulations to Iron Bridge Wine Company (36), Aida Bistro & Wine Bar (37), Tersiguel's (40), Victoria Gastro Pub (47) and Jordan's Steakhouse (48). I hope this draws curious city folk to explore down Rte 29.

(Hat tip to Live in Howard County, which reported this last month before the list was even on the Web.)


agussman_work said...

What's up with the lack of a Mexican/Tex-mex section in the article? I know I've been pretty disappointed at the Mexican restaurants I've been to in HC, but are all of them in the entire region so bad that there aren't any worth including?

Also, what's up with all the Mexican restaurants in HC having notices in the menu about charging for extra chips? Granted, I don't think I've ever actually been charged for extra chips, but it's still pretty off putting.

agussman_work said...

Oops, meant to put that comment on the other article!

HowChow said...

The "other article" is a post about the City Paper's restaurant edition.