Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mark Your Calendar Now For Town Grill's Barbecue And Pick-Your-Own Fun At Larriland

Brisket and BBQ chicken sandwiches at Town Grill
This week is a gift.  Don't waste it.

Instead of sweating through late summer, you can enjoy some 80s over the next few days to pick-your-own peaches and enjoy your barbecue sandwiches.

Larriland peaches
Larriland Farm in Woodbine goes into overdrive between mid-July and Halloween.  You'll be able to fill your trunk any day.  Right now, there are peaches, blackberries, and beets along with the last blueberries and the first tomatoes.  Soon, apples and other vegetables will start up and run into the season when you can make a day of pumpkins, hay rides and fried apple fritters.

But for now, you should pair your farm visit with barbecue from Town Grill in Lisbon.  We broke new territory and ordered chicken and brisket on our last visit.  We each got a great sandwich.  Tender, moist meat.  Fresh basic rolls.  A good pickle.

My brisket was perfect.  Tender without being soft, the slices of meat were delicious, especially dipped in a little container of extra sauce.  Mrs. HowChow relished her chicken.  It looked like white meat cooked in Town Grill's barbecue sauce.  We gave up our usual pulled pork to try the new sandwiches, and we were pleased to see that everything lives up that high standard.

Town Grill is a really special spot.  It's literally in a Citgo station, and its kitchen takes part in Restaurant Weeks.  No joking around.  They smoke their own trout and salmon, both of which are worth taking home.  They have also run Thursday night specials for Restaurant Weeks -- topped off on August 1 with local lamb kabobs served with seasonal vegetables and rice pilaf for $11.13.

Throughout the year, Town Grill offers a deep menu of breakfast specials, sandwiches and platters.  On summer Saturdays, they make ribs.  They suggest calling ahead to reserve a rack.  I don't know if that's necessary, but I know the ribs are worth a phone call.

Not ripe!  Even the black ones!
Truly, you should mark your calendar for a day spent out in the western county.  Larriland is beautiful.  You can pick your own, then shop in the large barn full of produce, drinks, candies and canning supplies.  Larriland  can host anything from a romantic date to a child's adventure to an extravaganza of fruit and vegetable canning.

Today we got peaches and about a pound of blackberries.  The blackberries are delicious, but it's always tough to find the truly ripe ones.  Black isn't ripe.  The ripe ones almost fall off in your fingers.  We watched people fill containers with black berries they were wrestling off the vines, and we worry those weren't sweet.  Check out all the Larriland posts.

Seriously consider Town Grill's smoked salmon if you can talk yourself out of a barbecue sandwich.  They were making "BLTs" with salmon and bacon.  If you go, notice that there is lots of parking around the gas station.  There is a lot across the street and another just east of the station.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the brisket is good. So good that is the only place I order brisket. Most places seem to be tough, or chewy, with sauce slapped on top. I think I have even had it without sauce and it was still incredible.

Annie Rie said...

Love Town Grill. BBQ sundae. Smoked trout. Yum!

We were going to Larriland this week too. Haven't picked a day yet.

I will be blanching and freezing peaches after I go.

Annie Rie said...

Love Town Grill. BBQ sundae. Smoked trout. Yum!

We were going to Larriland this week too. Haven't picked a day yet.

I will be blanching and freezing peaches after I go.

Steve Fine said...

Those ribs are excellent!

DT HAYES said...

When we hit on the Lisbon Town Grill we had left Vermont behind 10hours before. Long drive and worth it! Dinner was a smorgasbord of ribs, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, smoked salmon etc. But don't miss breakfast either. Omelets, hash, everything makes for a 'we'll just skip lunch' morning! Find a motel and stay over if necessary.

w00py said...

Didn't see this posted but Shilla Bakery in Ellicott City is open for business.


omars said...

We tried the Brisket today on your recommendation, very good, and such a generous portion for the price (6.50 + tax)!

The pit beef was less impressive-- decent but not as flavorful as we've had elsewhere.

The brisket I'd eat everyday. Yum. Thanks for the sharing the find!

Crystal Randolph said...

Oh yes, Town Grill. I was fortunate enough to be there last summer, so I got to try out their ribs, which are fantastic, btw. Of course, I couldn’t resist ordering their brisket. I haven’t tried their smoked salmon, though. I guess that’s something to look forward to the next time I visit. Cheers!