Monday, July 15, 2013

Ellicott City Restaurant Becomes NYT Example For Health Care, Gets Some Nice Publicity

The Shanty Grille in Ellicott City became an example in the debate about health care policy last when the New York Times used it as a "case study" about the impact of new laws.

The article quotes owner Eric King.  I wouldn't base my policy opinions on a reporter quoting one restaurant owner and one bartender, and, as a former reporter, I see a few little techniques that make me suspicious of the entire article.  (It's in the style of NPR's efforts to "get outside Washington" by sending reporters to the end of the Metro.)  But it's some fun press for the Rte 40 restaurant.

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Gorelick said...

They could save money by eliminating the extraneous "e" in "Grille"