Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Here Come The Salads At Wegmans: RDADoc's Pears & Provolone At The Caesar Station

Wegmans has been open a year, but they're still making changes.  RDADoc celebrated one innovation -- the salad station now open at lunch time and dinner time among the preapred foods:
One of the things that I was most excited about when I heard that Wegmans was coming to Columbia was that I’d be able to eat their "pear and provolone" salad more frequently.  I’ve gotten this salad at the New Jersey Wegmans in the past.  It’s made with field greens, provolone cheese, pears and Wegmans lemon vinaigrette dressing.  It is absolutely delicious! 
When the Columbia Wegmans opened, my biggest disappointment was that they didn’t offer this salad expect for on their catering menu. Over the last year I have purchased it for parties, and it’s always been a big hit! 
A couple weeks ago when I was shopping at Wegmans, I noticed that the counter that use to serve Mexican food and sandwiches had been transformed into a Caesar salad station serving salads by the pound. They offer my favorite "pear and provolone" salad.  They also sell a Caesar salad and a romaine strawberry salad.  I tend to stick with what I know I like.  So the last two times I’ve been to Wegmans, I’ve gotten the "pear and provolone."  Next time, I am going to branch out.


emkenton said...

What an exciting development! I grew up with a Wegmans (Corning, NY) and we ate there for lunch pretty much every Sunday since everyone in the family could get something different and be happy. They had a caesar salad station back then (waaaay back in the 90s) and the freshly-made salads are AWESOME. I am hoping they haven't changed it up much. I'm already forever sad they no longer make pasta to order. Karl was a genius at making the chicken, vegetable, and plum tomato pasta dish just for me! :-)

dzoey said...

I just tried the Caesar salad and the ingredients and flavor are the same as Hunt Valley - yum.

What's different is how the salad is made. At Hunt Valley, you choose the size of the salad you want, they put it together in a steel bowl, toss it, and plate (er...box) it. You pay a fixed cost per size.

In Columbia, they put the ingredients (I got the last of the lettuce) directly into the box, and you have to toss it your self, and it's charged per pound ($8.99/lb). It was sort of like having someone add things to your tray form the salad bar. I think Columbia needs to add more service / keep it refreshed, otherwise, I may as well make it myself from the salad bar.

Junior Barnes said...

It looks like it's now a nacho bar. BTW, when they were serving Caesar salad, I got to pick my size.