Monday, July 22, 2013

Updates On Future Restaurants -- Highland Inn Working Indoors, Ernesto's Coming To Rte 40, Red Parrot At Turf Valley, Grille 620 Mystery

Highland Inn - Outdoor construction looks complete
New restaurants keep coming to Howard County -- and we keep waiting for a few that have been on the board or under construction for a while.

I'm collecting what I can see.  Who knows more?  Any opening dates?

The Highland Inn looks like the work is heading inside.  Since the upscale restaurant on Rte 216 was announced last year, they did huge work renovating the building.  But the construction fences have been removed, and work presumably continues inside.

The new Polo Club in Fulton is a little behind that timeline.  Walls are still
The Polo Club in Fulton
going up in yellow construction boards.  But you can see the shape of the Indian restaurant destined for Maple Lawn Boulevard.

One of the recent hot spots has been Turf Valley, which clearly recruited second locations from local restauranteurs -- Xitomate, Facci, Mimi's Kabob.  Tim found a July 16 lease plan for Turf Valley that shows even more restaurants.  He wrote about Turf Valley and a follow up on new Mexican on Rte 40:
Red Parrot Asian Bistro is back on board for Turf Valley Towne Square. It was on the original plan last fall then dropped off until this new one. They also have a location at McHenry Row in Federal Hill near Harris Teeter. They join Grille 620, Xitomate, Facci, Mimi's Afgan Kabob, Subway, Yolave and Petite Cellars. Those of us west of Marriotsville Road are very excited to have some decent dining options close by.
I have not been able to find out any information on "Grille 620", have you? 
Also, I was looking through the Summer 2013 "Best of Elliott City" glossy flyer and I see that Ernesto's Fine Mexican Food is in fact coming to the Enchanted Forest shopping. The ad states "Next To Jilly's "Late July - Early August."  Their logo is the same of this website so I guess it's the same folks:,
Then there are places on Rte 40.  Shilla Bakery still has paper in the window, reports RelocatedFromNoVa.  And Bean & Burgundy is on its way a little farther west.  Last report had been that they were aiming to open in late August.  Who knows more?

Who knows timelines or Web sites?  What other new places have I overlooked?  There must be some new places in Columbia.


Unknown said...

Ernesto's looks to pile on to the chain of Middle-of-the-road, Texicali "mexican" restaurants along Rt.40, catering to the ground beef and cheese crowd. Why is it so hard to find Tacos de lengua in this town that don't come from a gas station, or the back of a bodega?

HowChow said...

@Unknown -- Any idea if any local Mexican restaurants have "off menu" items? I have friends who say most Chinese restaurants will make certain dishes if you know to ask (and best in Chinese). I wonder if any Mexican restaurants have lengua or other ingredients that they'll use if you ask -- but that they don't want them on the menu to scare off people.

Unknown said...

Sorry about posting as unknown, this is the incomparable @JakeSpain.

I've never even considered that those places could have the secret menu (which I can verify does exist at every Chinese restaurant). Based on the general atmosphere of Pachanga and Mi Casa I doubt they'll have more traditional Mexican fare. Their tacos are the Americanized shell(pun intended) of their traditional counterparts. Definitely worth a call to ask since both of those places but Qdoba to shame any day of the week.

Chris said...

I think most of R&R Tacqueria's menu seems to have developed from off menu requests. A lot of it is handwritten on paper and just taped to the wall.

In terms of new places, I just walked in to Waffee yesterday. I think they used to be under a different name previously, but they have the Belgian leige waffles. Really good waffle. It's off Frederick Road by the Rita's Ice near St. Johns Lane.

Susan Mielke said...

Grilee620 is the sister restaurant to The River Hill Sports Grille in Clarksville but they plan to be more upscale and focus on what they called a "different clientele." They are planning on opening the week of September 9th.
The Highland Inn, sister restaurant to the Milton Inn in Sparks, should be opening in the next month.

Unknown said...

Last time we were down Burtonsville way (a couple of weeks ago), saw a sign indicating Old Hickory Grille will be reopening soon!

Anonymous said...

There's a new sushi stand called Wasabi at the bottom of the food court escalator in the mall. Has anyone tried it?

Leeann said...

Hey HowChow, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent blog. I try places that you write about with my kids and they ask "Did you read about this on HowChow?" :)

We hit up the Waffee store last week and that was a really pleasant surprise. We had also used the waffle truck in Clarksville on your suggestion.

Definitely looking forward to giving Ernestos a try!

Anonymous said...

I have seen the menu for Grille620 and its being opened by the same owner of The River Hill Sports Grille in Clarksville. I am very excited to try some of the dishes - a lot of them are seafood based with unique dishes (lamb chops). They also have some signature favorites from the location in Clarksville.

MrDiego said...

Looks like the menu and website for Grille620 are up!