Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fried Chicken At The BP In Maple Lawn

Fried chicken and potato wedges
I'm not saying you should eat fried chicken at a gas station, but I know where you should go if you're in the mood.

The BP at Maple Lawn has a food counter inside.  They do sandwiches and a bunch of other items, and they sell fried chicken and french fries that are a fast food treat.

I got a box.  I admit it.  I was in a rush, and it was a terrific dinner on the way to a meeting.

I got a wing and a hot juicy chicken breast.  Wedges of fried potato.  I sat at a cafe table and tore in with my fingers.  They have a bunch of hot sauces, and hot sauce goes so well with crispy chicken.  For chicken under a hot light, it was ideal -- a thick crust that comes crisp but not greasy.  Great fun.

Fried chicken makes a great holiday.  On top of the BP chicken, I still recommend a picnic from Harvest Fried Chicken in Woodbine, and I love Bon Chon in Ellicott City.

BP Station at Maple Lawn
8181 Maple Lawn Boulevard
Fulton, MD 20759

NEAR: The station is just north of Rte 216 in the Maple Lawn development.  It is behind the shops to your right if you arrive from Rte 216.  Look at the pet store that overlooks the BP station.


Anonymous said...

Royal Farms has excellent fried chicken, you should try it!

Karen said...

My husband says this place is good for all the food. He has had chinese food they serve, orange chicken and lo mein. Sounds weird buying chinese food in a gas station, but according to him (he loves chinese and thai food) it was very good.

perrik said...

The fried chicken at the Maple Lawn BP is my "I've had a lousy day and deserve a treat" meal. Okay, and maybe my errands somehow take me near that BP whenever I'm low on gas, and as long as I'm there...

I prefer the BP's chicken to the Royal Farms version, although RF is pretty good. In the pantheon of grab & go fried chicken, though, nothing beats Publix supermarket! Discovering that was the highlight of my trip to Atlanta. (Harris Teeter, I love you for many things but your fried chicken is terrible)

Marcia said...

I'm with you on Harvest Fried Chicken, a drive for me but worth it. (and then there's the Town Grill at the Lisbon Citgo, but that's another story)

Hungry Bob said...

How does this compare with Chick N Friends in Long Reach? Since reading your post, we've been going there for our fried chicken.

HowChow said...

Oooooo. Chick N Friends makes amazing fried chicken. I generally get that served hot. ]It's right out of however they fry them. The BP fried chicken is a good treat and great for pre-made chicken, but Chick N Friends is exceptional when it comes right out of the fryer.

Jess said...

Do yourself a favor and try the fried chicken at Kelsey's in Ellicott City. They make some really good food there, but the fried chicken is killer.

AlPal3 said...

I'm so glad you did a write up on this place because I've mentioned it a few times in my comments. The fried chicken is great, they also have lo mein everyday that's pretty good especially with some sirachi. Then they have the salad bar which includes some Korean banchan dishes, fruit, and the shrimp salad is stellar. The steak and cheese is good also with an Asian tang to it. The people there are really nice and it's a great place to grab a quick lunch.