Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Mimi's Kabob Coming To Turf Valley? Construction Continues On The Facci Up There

There are signs for a new Mimi's Kabob at Turf Valley in Ellicott City, according to an email from Tim.

That development is getting some great restaurant options. Mimi's Kabob is a casual Afghan place whose first location is on Rte 108 in Clarksville. Turf Valley also has the second Facci Ristorante -- a sibling to the first Facci on Johns Hopkins Road. Adam had emailed me to say that the Facci looks like it may be a few more months away.
It looks like they’ve got the hardyboard set up on the inside, but not a lot of construction from what I can tell. It should be great though. The patio they have set up in the plaza is very resort-esque. Outdoor fireplace, Adirondack benches and chairs, even an awning with fans. I sometimes go there just to read.


Chris said...

Construction at Turf Valley has been pretty slow overall. Hopefully all these businesses can stay open long enough for the new housing development across the street to be finished. I'm not too worried about the Harris Teeter, but that strip of stores are in for a long ramp up in business.

I did hear that someone was inquiring about space to open a cupcake shop, but still in the very early stages.

Anonymous said...

speaking of Mimi's -- you should try out their (warm) baklava.

It's changed my mind about what baklava is.

wondergirl said...

I heard from a staff member at Facci 1 that the new location may open in early August. Seems unlikely, but I'm hoping!