Thursday, June 30, 2011

Giant Campfire Mashmallows For S'Mores

"This is the best dessert in the world." -- Mrs. HowChow.

After living in a house with an electric range, it has been a real treat to get back a gas stove.  And the gas stove is the way to get a real treat.

This is the season of gas stove s'mores -- graham crackers, marshmallow, and a block of Hershey's chocolate.  It has to be Hershey's.  We experimented, even with candy bars that we loved on their own.  We keep coming back to the basics.

Now, we may have found our marshmallow as well.  My mother brought giant Campfire marshmallows from a Wegmans in Fairfax.  They make spectacular s'mores.  I brown the outside, then hold the marshmallow with the graham cracker and twist so that I pull the still-solid center from the crispy, cooked outer section.  That inside goes back on the stove where it bubbles and browns as well.

Perfect.  The two-step method doubles the crispy, browned pieces in the s'more.  The Campfire is truly too large for one graham cracker, but it's fun when marshmallow squirts everywhere.  Definitely a dessert that should come with a wet paper towel chaser.

I found the giant Campfire marshmallows at Harris Teeter.  I bet they're pretty common.


Chris said...

Walmart also usually carries the Campfire marshmellows.

Speaking of Wegman's, if you haven't been by the Snowden River construction site lately, beams are up and it's starting to look like something finally.

Marcia said...

Don't mess with success. Stick to Hersey's.

I have seed ads for a square marshmallow specifically for s'mores.

Cate in Columbia said...

They sell Campfire Marshmallows at Giant in Hickory Ridge- in the back near the seafood.

Tex said...

Saw these at a Superfresh and couldn't help but grab them. Haven't had a chance to use them but have a family camping trip coming up in a month and I'm sure they'll be a hit.

Marcia said...

No giant marshmallows at Hunt Valley Wegmman's !! Hm. Unless they had a special s'more display somewhere and I missed it due to the crowd.