Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Facci Has Opened For "Take Out" Service

Facci Ristorante has opened for takeout service now, which means that you can finally carry out one of their pizzas or anything else.

This is part of Facci's expansion, and they have had a "2 Go" sign covered for weeks.  It was RDAdoc who noticed yesterday that the sign was uncovered.  She loves the pizza, but you need to be sure that you get the one that you ordered.  RDAdoc's report:
Yesterday I noticed that Facci 2 Go sign was up, and I was delighted to call and find that they opened two nights ago. They said that their menu was almost identical to their dine in menu so I ordered my two favorite dishes - Arguletta salad and Salsiccia e Rapini pizza.  (It's a white sausage and broccoli rabe pizza but I order it without the sausage.)  [HowChow: Get the sausage.] 
The guy who answered the phone was very nice and explained that the restaurant just got a new computer system so they were all trying to learn it and it would take a few minutes to enter the order. When I picked up my food, it also took a little while for them to ring up my order, but the cashier was very nice and I didn't mind. Unfortunately, when I got home I found out that they had given me the wrong pizza.   I am not sure if they rang up the wrong one or if they gave me someone else's order.  This pie had mozzarella and peppers and was almost as good as the rapini one I love so much. Normally I'd call to let the restaurant know that I got the wrong order, but I know they are working out their kinks.  Next time I will know to review my order before I leave.
If you go to Facci's, consider a cannoli.  If you're looking for Italian, check out the comments on a prior post about the new Tino's Italian Restaurant in Columbia. 

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travelinsnorkel said...

My office ordered carry out on the first day. The food was fabulous! The only thing that was missed was some chicken on one of the salads. I did find the pick-up area a bit strange as it is just a long hall where barely two people can fit standing side by side so it was a little awkward standing there and waiting for our food to be done. Would be nice if they had a few slim benches rather than the cubby holes. However, their food is SO delicious, I don't mind it!