Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Links: Noodle Soup, Buffalo Chicken, And New Voices If You Want Food In Howard County

You don't need to rely on HowChow if you want to read about food in Howard County.

I'm glad that you're here, but the beauty of the past few years is that other people have joined the conversation.  At the start, it was just me and the Baltimore Beer Guy.  Now, you need to check the entire food "section" of Hoco Blogs -- the aggregator that links to any bloggers from the neighborhood.  But other blogs swerve from their normal subjects to touch on food like the scones on HoCo Connect, grilled pizza on P90Noir, or the splendid "Food vs. Food" posts on Swim Write Run.

I created a list of local food blogs in the right column.  Definitely check those and suggest any I may have missed.  I'm still hoping the HoCo Hangover folks will re-start the engines.  I'm excited for the La Casa de Sweets recipes and hoping for some local sweets reviews.  I'll steer you to start with a few recent posts:
If you write about local food, feel free to email me about cool posts.  I love to link or to add new people to the blog list.


Jessie said...

thanks for the shout-out about hocoblogs ... and for all the great work (and, by nature, community building) you do!

Hoco Connect said...

First I don't know how I ever learned about restaurants before HowChow. Thanks for leading us to some great places and menu items. I plan to almost always blog on food on Saturdays.