Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gluten-Free Discount From Columbia Company

You can get a discount from a Columbia company that sells gluten-free ingredients through the Washington Post's version of the daily discount.

I had never heard about Jules Shepard or the Jules Gluten Free line.  The WPost highlighted the deal to me, and the Jules Gluten Free Web site lists an address in Columbia.

The deal is $29 (plus $12 shipping) for a "New Customer Pack" that includes flour, oats, three gluten-free e-books, and mixes to make cookies, graham and bread.  They say the normal price is $89, so you save two-thirds.  The ad links to a 2007 WPost article by Kim O'Donnel, who I always respected and who seems to enjoy the mixes.

Anyone know more about Jules Gluten Free and the Columbia connection?  The 2007 story said she ran monthly cooking classes at Roots Market and baked at Great Sage.

(Update:  Here is news from Jules herself:  
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Molly said...

Thanks for sharing our deal for Jules Gluten Free! Here's a link to a great article about Jules Shepard that was featured in The Washington Post.

Anonymous said...

Jules is great! She has also taught several GF cooking classes at the Columbia Art Center. I have tasted several items that she has baked and they are genuinely good! She started developing her own products just for her home use once diagnosed with celiac disease. She loved to cook and bake and was having a hard time finding any quality subs for the "real thing".

Beth said...

Agreed - Jules is awesome and her products are the best I've tried. As it's GF, it's expensive, but worth it for the most like "normal"! If you're in Howard County, though, her products are sold at Roots, David's Natural Market, etc, so you don't need to pay shipping. If she ever opens a restaurant, we'll be in line!

Anonymous said...

Try Tino's Italian Bistro. I ate there tonight and the entire menu has GF free options. Very good.