Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Places To Buy Crabs Near Howard County

It is still too early for most Maryland crab feasts, but it is time to think about where you'll go for hard shells.

Frank's Seafood in Jessup has been my go-to place since I moved to Howard County, and they sold great crabs last August.  But people gave great suggestions in the comments last September when I asked for emergency help from someone who couldn't reserve Labor Day crabs at Frank's, including Casey's in Laurel, Sea King in Ellicott City, and Captain Dicks in Arbutus.

Where do you go?  What do you look for to ensure that you're getting good stuff?


Kim in MD said...

Don't forget the Woodbine Inn! They get all of their crabs from the crab (and other seafood!) shop across the street - I think it's called J&Ts? Funny that when you order crabs at the Woodbine Inn you get to watch them walking your freshly steamed crabs across the street from J&Ts!

Anonymous said...

Captain Dan's in Eldersburg is great for hard crabs and soft crabs.
Capt Dan used to manage Sea King in Randalalstown. You won't be disappointed.