Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Samosa Week Crosses The Border: Thin Pastry Afghan Style At Maiwand Kabob

The first thing you'll notice about the Maiwand Kabob samosas is that you get a plate of them.

Afghan samosas -- as served by Columbia's premier Afghan restaurant -- are smaller than Indian samosas.  They're cousins, not twins, and Maiwand's appetizers come wrapped in a thin pastry, more like filo dough than the bumpy, thick skin of the samosas at places like House of India.

The filing is mashed potato.  It's not hot, but it is spiced to a zesty flavor with maybe tumeric, pepper, cumin . . .   I recognize the peas, but I can't win that Top Chef contest where they identify ingredients in a mystery sauce.  I do recognize the cilantro sauce, which seems similar to many Indian restaurants.  The yogurt sauce is unique.

Like many of the Samosa Week winners, the Maiwand Kabob samosas make the list because they're not greasy.  They come out hot and crispy.  The sauces contrast beautifully with bright and fresh flavors.  Frankly, they make a meal for two if you order samosas and maybe the mantwo or a plate of kabobs and rice.

This is part of Samosa Week -- a celebration of savory pastries from India and beyond.  We're highlighting the best of Howard County's fried appetizers in all kinds of flavors.


RDAdoc said...

These are definitely a favorite of mine! My son likes them too. I also like that they aren't greasy.

Yaka said...

I think different countries/regions have their own style of samosa. Any insight on the specifics of differences (ie: wrapping, filling, etc)?

I also like Maiwand's too, but it always reminds me of spring rolls due to the spring roll wrapper they use.

Unknown said...

I admore Maiwand Kabob, but do not like their samosas. they are pretty much exactly what I can get out of the freezer aisle. I would rather use my calories on their pumpkin, or kabobs. Their food is so so so so good though.

sherringham said...

Maiwand is killing me lately with their wait times! I placed an order last Saturday, they told me 20 minutes until pick up, and I waited another 35 when I got there.
55 minutes is too much for one Saturday special which is not even made to order. The last time I was there my wait was almost 45 minutes.

One more time like this, and that will be my last.