Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You Have A Duty To Taste Test Candy Cane Cookies; Christmas Cookies Knocked-Off Early

The Joe-Joes and the Os -- all peppermint
There are some questions that can only be decided by the expertise of a great food blog -- and then there are taste tests you have a duty to run for yourself.

It's peppermint cookie season.

Two years ago, we were enthralled by Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joes.  Then last year, we were shut out when we waited to late to buy ourselves a box of the Oreo knock-offs with peppermint chunks in the cream filling.

So this year, we acted early.  I found peppermint knock-offs at both Trader Joe's and Wegmans, and I brought them home for an epic battle that you can recreate with a quick run to the store.  They both have chocolate cookies.  They are both filled with cream.  They both add peppermint for that seasonal twist.

Joe-Joes at Trader Joes
The question:  Which cookies should you eat?

The answer:  Mrs. HowChow says both.  They're both dangerously delicious.  Crunch.  Cream.  Peppermint.  They're similar enough that she got a bit overconfident and guessed wrong about which was the Trader Joe's original.  Wegmans double-stuffs its Os, so you get more cream in each cookie.  But Trader Joe's put bigger slivers of peppermint in its Joe-Joes, so you get a more-exotic crunch.  Mrs. HowChow happily ate both.

(And I sampled another plate as I wrote this.  It's all in the name of science.)

This is definitely a fun taste-test for you to run at home.  I'd love your comments -- including candy cane Oreos because I assume that the true originals have gone peppermint for the holiday as well.  The only down side is hearing two open  bags of cookies call your name from the pantry.


Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff said...

This is hilarious! HOORAY for food testing!

Marcia said...

You are not kidding, you have to strike early for the holiday goods at Trader Joe's!!! Saturday I bought my mom a box of "A Cranberry Walked into this Bar" or whatever their fig newtons type cookies are. Today (Weds) - sold out !!!

We really like the almond shortbread snowman cookies, so we always get to TJ's before Thanksgiving to get ours.
I did buy some peppermint Joe Joe's, so now to Wegmans for the comparison test!!

EGKate said...

I love peppermint Joe Joes! I didn't know about the Wegmans version, though. I will definitely have to check them out. In my mind, more stuffing=better cookie!

Jim S. said...

They are hard to get since they sell out so fast but the Shrine of St. Anthony gift shop on Folly Quarter Rd in Ellicott City sells Fat Friar cookies. They are shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate and shaped like Friars, stars, or other symbols. They aren't made at that friary, but they are good.