Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Adult M&Ms: Sweet Cascades Dips WIld Stuff, But Subtle Bite-Sized Candies Go Rosemary, Cayenne

In a place known for wild stuff, the simplest sweet has caught my eye.

Sweet Cascades on Main Street in Ellicott City makes its own chocolates, and they'll dip almost anything in chocolate.  Cheese puffs.  Wine bottles.  Peanut-butter-and-marshmallow-stuffed pretzels.

Chocolate-covered fun
But look on the counter for the simplest chocolates -- small solid candies that they flavor and sell by the quarter pound.  These "savouries" are bite-sized dark chocolates with flavors like orange blossom, lemon zest, and rosemary.  Cayenne pepper had a low warmth.  Rosemary was a revelation -- perfectly measured so that subtle  flavor comes through, but doesn't overwhelm the chocolate.

Imagine adult M&Ms.  No candy shell, but Sweet Cascades' candies are about the same size.  They'd fill a pretty candy bowl if you had guests.  They'd please a candy lover at your home.  They'd even be cool in a Howard County food basket if you found a bag to dress them up.

Don't get me wrong -- Sweet Cascade's crazy stuff is fun too.  They dip salty snacks and breakfast cereal.  They do larger pieces of flavored candy like mini chocolate bars with lavender and salt & pepper.  They will even dip your wine bottle in chocolate -- letting you give a gift where someone can drink the wine, then break chocolate off the bottle for dessert.

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