Friday, November 1, 2013

Construction Coming Along At The Foreman-Wolf Spot In Columbia; New Chef At Greystone?

You can see the bones of a restaurant in the Columbia lakefront space being renovated into a restaurant by Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf.

Walls have gone up.  You can see what looks like entry area, a bar, maybe a private room or an alcove.  They're just rough construction materials and utility lights, so I can't imagine how the place could open in 2013.  But that was the original plan, and I'm no expert.

Has anyone heard about the current timeline for opening?  Or heard what name or menu they're picked for their Columbia spot?

While we're asking questions, has anyone heard about changes at the Greystone Grill in Ellicott City?  I have heard rumors about Robert Gadsby, the chef who has created terrific food at a casual barbecue place on U.S. 1 in Laurel.  His RG's BBQ Cafe has spectacular ribs, chicken and specials like lamb shank, but his real history has been upscale restaurants.  People -- including me -- jumped the gun earlier this year and thought Gadsby would take off the former Venegas in Fulton.  That didn't happen, but the skill in that barbecue will make me line up wherever he takes over -- even to "Gadsby's Bar American."

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Anonymous said...

Liquor license application posted in Sun today appears to confirm it wil be their Petit Louis Bistro.