Friday, November 8, 2013

Check It: Pure Wine Cafe's Bedrock Wine Cellar

Pure Wine's wine cellar -- half way to the second floor
Here's how you know that you aren't eating in a shopping center:  Pure Wine Cafe parades you past their new cellar -- built into the bedrock above Main Street in Ellicott City.

When Pure Wine expanded, they busted through a wall and built stairs up to a second floor dining room and an outdoor patio.  They built a pretty nice modern bathroom on the landing, and they had an awkward space under the stairs.

Awkward space or awesome space?

They built a wine cellar with a glass wall.  So you can see inside as you walk up the stairs, and you can see wine bottles and the stone of the hillside.  Cool lighting.  Modern tiles and paneling.  It's a fun little detail on a restaurant that pays attention to details.

Can anyone else suggest cool details that people should check out in local restaurants?  I like the ambiance of the wine storage all around Iron Bridge.  There must be more.

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Zevonista said...

Check out the "tap room" (for the wines on tap) at Aida. Also behind a glass wall, so you can check out how it all works...