Friday, November 15, 2013

One More Local Idea: Get On The CookieRide

Sara and her CookieRide creation
I missed a terrific idea when I wrote this week's posts about local ideas for your holiday shopping.

I have to think an unknown comment-writer for reminding that you could use CookieRide for either your holiday baskets or some holiday entertainment.

CookieRide is a relatively new company run by Casey Dyson who bakes and delivers cookies on her signature scooter.  Tuesday's comment noted that Dyson made sugar cookies last year -- regular, gluten-free, even made with a custom cookie cutter.  CookieRide does anything from dessert delivery to wedding cakes to really amusing stuff like cookie mustaches.

Gingerbread houses
So those cookies would make another addition to a gift basket of Howard County creations.

But even more, Casey will come run a party where you and your guests can decorate or bake your own cookies.  She does kids parties. She does office parties.  She will even build gingerbread or sugar cookies houses.

For more, check out the CookieRide Web site.  Casey does these all year 'round, but gingerbread houses seem like a great way to create some holiday memories.

What else did I forget?  I want to encourage people to find new places around Howard County.  So comment about where you would recommend some holiday shopping -- food or not.

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MS said...

Kathy's cakes and cupcakes at Simply Desserts at wonderful. She did our wedding cake and our one year anniversary cake. Not too sweet and great flavor!! She is a one-woman show in Columbia. And she is a delight to talk with. So, you can consider looking her up for holiday treats.
Check her out at: