Sunday, March 23, 2014

Petit Louis In Columbia Gets A Baltimore Review

The new Petit Louis in Columbia got its first real attention -- a review by Richard Gorelick of the Sun.  He thinks it holds up to its established sibling in Roland Park.  He recommends a lentil salad, the escargot, the roasted chicken and more.

Like Gorelick, I have loved the takeout / eat-in counter that the Foreman-Wolf team opened next to Petit Louis.  Le Comptoir does incredible desserts, and they have sandwiches, coffee and breads as well.  You should really check it out -- especially paired with a walk around the lake.


Jim S. said...

The article mentioned no kids menu. Anyone know if that means not kid friendly at all or just that they don't have a kids menu (or one yet?)

Not trying to get into a kids/no kids argument. We have two well behaved young kids that have no problems behaving in places like Cafe de Paris, Tersigals, etc. but we know some restaurants don't want any kids (i.e. Elkridge Furnace Inn)

SC said...

From the Baltimore Sun article- "Know that Columbia's setting is more kid-friendly. There's no children's menu per se, though. When asked about this, Foreman said, "The entire menu is a kid's menu."

Seems to me kids are welcome, but they're going for the idea that kids should eat the same things adults do. (Whole 'nother debate/argument there.)

baltassoc said...

We went last week with kids and they were gracious and welcoming. They had no problem splitting a Croque-Monsieur between two little ones, and helpfully split the dish in the kitchen. Still, it's no Red Robin (thank goodness).

Overall, the meal was great, and everyone was very happy. They have a very nice wine selection. Everything was prepared well and tasty.

If there were one critique, it was that the sizes are somewhat inconsistent: combining the mussels (large) with the duck (relatively small) worked, as did escargot (smallish) with steak frites (huge), but if we had traded first courses one would have left hungry while the other took home a huge amount of leftovers.

Jim S. said...

Thanks for the info, especially baltassoc. That is what I want to hear. I will check out the place soon with my kids.

Trip Klaus said...

Forgot to check when I visited the restaurant for dinner. Does the Comptoir offer glass wine with their lunch sandwiches etc.?