Monday, March 31, 2014

A Detail At Bon Chon: Go For Delicious Fried Chicken, But Ask For The Hot Corn Tea

Corn tea at Bon Chon Chicken
Go to Bon Chon Chicken for the fried chicken, but check out the corn tea when you sit down.

Ask for the tea.  Customers who look Korean often receive hot tea in restaurants.  Other folks often get ice water, but you're welcome to ask for the tea.  It's complimentary.

You can get barley tea at Shin Chon Garden and Lighthouse Tofu.  At Bon Chon, you can get corn tea.  It's a mild earthy flavor with a clear aftertaste of sweet corn.  Great for warming.  Refreshing.  It doesn't cool down the fire of Bon Chon's spicy chicken, but it's a fun diversion.


Anonymous said...

Did Bon Chon ever get their liquor license?

Anonymous said...

Yes, a few weeks ago. They've been running drink specials on their Facebook page.

Marcia White said...

Thank you How Chow for bringing this place to my attention! You have given me more great recommendations than I can even count.