Monday, March 10, 2014

Mystery: What's Up With Ananda? Is Indian Coming To Maple Lawn? (Yes, Folks Say)

The building that could become Ananda
I want to raise a toast to hope that Ananda will actually open in Maple Lawn.

Ananda is the Indian restaurant -- at one point called "Polo Club" -- that has been built on Maple Lawn Boulevard just south of Johns Hopkins Road.

It's a serious-looking building with fireplaces, dark wood panelling and some cool windows that will basically convert one room into outdoor seating during good weather.  Unfortunately, the building looks the same as it did two months ago.  No sign.  No tables.

So what's up?  (Update: Go all the way to the bottom to hear the optimism.)

More than a month ago, Ananda was advertising for servers and other employees.  Even on Craig's List.  Then the building was listed for rent in late January.  That went away, and the Maple Lawn developer was telling people that the restaurant would open in early March.

Well, it hasn't.  A few locals have said that they've heard Ananda is dead.  They point to the lack of work on the building.  But there was someone inside on Sunday, maybe installing speakers.  There were boxes inside -- some with moulding and some marked "glass."  The place looks weeks or months away from opening because there is nothing that looks like a restaurant, but there is a bunch of money invested in there already.

Now, my eyes are on March 27 -- the date to which the liquor board has postponed. but at least not cancelled, the hearing for Ananda's license.

Does anyone know more?

(Update:  Talk is now that the Maple Lawn developers are going to accompany the Ananda owners to the liquor board.  The restaurant is apparently still on.)


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the Indian restaurant is no more. It's being said that they had some kind of disagreement with the Developer (seems to be a reoccurring theme, unfortunately, with the Developer being the common denominator). Have you heard anything? Sooooo disappointed if this is accurate. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty abandoned as of May 7, 2014.