Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blob's Park To Close Again (For Good), Says Sun

Blob's Park will close again tomorrow -- and the Anne Arundel beer garden is slated for demolition, reports Julie Scharperer in the Sun.

Blob's is a specific taste, but it's an iconic place.  They serve good German sausages in a sparse, open hall where most people come for polka music, dancing and beer.  Like so much, it is making way so that the land can be developed.  I'll always remember it for a great wedding that we attended last year.


dzoey said...

That's so disappointing. We went last year and it was fun and the food was OK though heavy, but you don't go to Blob's for the food alone. I hadn't tried to polka in a very long time and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the dancing and music. When we went on a Saturday night last year they were about half full.

We used to go more often around 30 years ago and the place was old then. I'll miss knowing it's there.

Jessie Newburn said...

I got in two dances this past month: Brave Combo (polka medley and then some) and then Mo Mo Jo's (zydeco). What a great space. And, yeah, it could use some TLC and a new owner.