Monday, March 24, 2014

Worth Repeating: Bon Fresco's London Broil Sandwich, Still Undefeated, Still The Champion

London broil sandwich at Bon Fresco
Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery in Columbia has changed very little since it first opened five years ago, and it was a prime inspiration for these "Worth Repeating" posts.

Terrific breads baked in the store.  A menu of sandwiches with pork, turkey and cold cuts.  Small, exception side dishes like the potato salad.

They were there in 2009.  They're there today.  I had raved about Bon Fresco in the first few years, and I hadn't posted -- even though it remains one of the places that we go when we need a guaranteed pick-me-up. Takeout dinners in the middle of the week.  A nice lunch in the midst of doing errands along Snowden River Parkway.

Through it all, I have always had the London broil.

Thin-sliced beef paired with fresh greens, a slice of cheese, and I think some house-made sauce that may have red onions and something like a mayo.  The ciabatta bread makes every sandwich special at Bon Fresco.  It is the perfect crunch and chew, and I have loved it with the "Capri" sandwich of Italian meats and with sandwiches of turkey or roasted vegetables.

But I come back to the London broil.  The rich, meaty flavor just makes a perfect sandwich.  I keep looking for something new on the menu, then coming back to London broil because it is incredibly filling and satisfying.  None of the post-lunch guilt you can get when a cheesesteak or an oversized hoagie becomes a lump in your stomach.  That's because Bon Fresco really cares about those ingredients.  Everything is fresh.  Everything is delicious, and they put that together for a sandwich that I don't think has a rival anywhere around.

This is part of a Worth Repeating series highlighting dishes and places that you should hear about even though they aren't new.  I'm suggesting sandwiches, Chinese, ground chuck and other items that have been HowChow favorites for years.

One change at Bon Fresco is that you need to ask for a side dish and pay extra.  I think it is a quarter.  Whatever they charge, you shouldn't skip the potato salad.  Creamy, but tasting entirely of potato.  It's a terrific side and another reason why Bon Fresco is one of the best restaurants in Howard County -- let alone one of the best sandwiches.


dzoey said...

Reading your post made me hungry, so I made a trip to Bon Fresco for lunch. Still the best sandwiches in the county and they still make my favorite brownie for dessert.

kevlar51 said...

The pork loin is my go-to sandwich there if I don't have time to look at the menu, but I've had many of their sandwiches and they've all been absolutely spectacular.

AlPal3 said...

Just ate here the other day and I love their food, but I kind of wish they put the London Broil on the regular menu and run a special sandwich for a day or two. I would love to see what he would come up with for a special.

Gracie Eden said...

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