Sunday, March 23, 2014

Worth Repeating: Sysco Discount In Elkridge For A Chef's Coat And All Your Kitchen Supplies

Chef's coats for about $35 at Sysco
Sometimes, this doesn't feel like a blog.  The blog format feels closest to a diary -- posts linked to a specific day.  New day means new stuff.

But lots of good stuff doesn't change, and the truth is that we go back for food we like.  So we'll often eat somewhere, and I'll know that I already posted about this burger, this restaurant, etc.

One day, I may follow smart people like our local Strobist who rethought his site more like a portal than a last-post-on-top format.  But HowChow is a hobby so I barely keep up with posting, let alone executing a redesign.

So let me repeat myself.  You haven't all been reading since 2008, and you all certainly can't remember every post.  And there are local places worth a second visit -- a call back for HowChow and a call for you to check them out.

So what's coming in the "Worth Repeating" series?
Monday: Bon Fresco's London broil sandwich
Tuesday: Shin Chon's Korean barbecue
Wednesday: The best burger in Howard County
Thursday: Cuba De Ayer's pork chop and Cuban sandwich
Friday: The best Chinese restaurant around
Today, think about buying a chef's coat.  They're about $35 at the Sysco Discount in Elkridge.  The store on U.S. 1 is a resource for large-package food from pasta to cheese to canned vegetables.  I don't memorize prices enough to know the value, but they have huge cans of tomato sauce, pizza sauce, chili peppers, spices, and more.

It's also a unique option for outfitting your kitchen.  Pots, bowls, knives, graters.  These are the well-priced reasons that folks like Mark Bittman recommend that you shop at restaurant supply stores.  Earlier this month, I got a pair of tongs for about $3 that beat anything I could buy in a fancy kitchen store.  I had my eye on a mallet to pound chicken breasts.

But the real fun was that I bought a chef's coat.  Mrs. HowChow hosted a baby shower for our friend, and I cooked and catered.  The coat helped change me from just a husband hanging around a ladies shower.  Well, the coat and a name tag that said "Agador Spartacus." ("It's the shoes.")  The coat was amusing to the women who knew me, and it was convincing to those who didn't -- and who asked if I cooked professionally.  Either way, I think it helped make the guest comfortable that I didn't need to be included while they ate and talked.  Plus, it kept me from slopping pesto on my clothes.

One other great use of the Sysco store is if you're planning for a party.  Table cloths, aluminum serving dishes, and other party supplies can cost a fortune at a supermarket.  In my original Sysco post, I highlighted paper plates, napkins, catering trays, and other items that would be great if you're hosting a party or running a picnic as the weather improves.

One warning about the Sysco parking lot:  The flea market next to the Sysco is open on Saturdays.  Or is it both weekend days?  I am sure about Saturdays, and I am sure that the few parking spaces fill fast.  Be ready to wait.  Consider looking for slots in the back.  Or even watch for a Sysco employee who comes out and waves you to park on the curb.  That's what I did on my last visit.


Laura said...

Thank you, HowChow, for this post! I have lived in Howard County for 14 years and been reading your blog for about 3 years and I've never heard of this store. I hope you know how much the citizens and businesses of Howard County appreciate all you do! So much of what Howard County has to offer is hidden and you put a spotlight on it. We love you, HowChow!

HowChow said...

@Laura -- That's great. That's the idea behind revisiting some terrific stores / restaurants that I haven't written about recently. Hope that you enjoy the week.

dzoey said...

I can recommend the pots and pans they sell there. They're not fancy looking but they are good quality and the price is very reasonable.

They also have bulk ingredients that are useful for parties.

Rob said...

One great discovery we made there was the restaurant quality plastic cups and glasses. The Cambro brand seems to be made of a denser plastic than what you find at Target or Pier One. They really hold up in the dishwasher, even on the bottom rack.