Thursday, February 20, 2014

While I'm Asking: Anyone Catered From Urvi's?

Has anyone catered from Urvi's Kitchen -- an Ellicott City caterer owned by the same people who appear to run Rangoli's restaurant near Arundel Mills?

(Update:  I got an email that said Urvi's and Rangoli aren't related.)

Jessie X spotted the Urvi's Web site and tweeted it at me in January.  We haven't eaten there, but it seems like a big vegetarian menu with many different regional Indian cuisines with a focus on Punjabi and Gujarati dishes  It seems like a cool option if you were having a party, and I was wondering if anyone had ordered from there before.

Rangoli in Hanover seems like a long drive considering how many great Indian restaurants we have in Columbia.  But I'd take recommendations if anyone knows their food as well.  This has been a week of me asking about new places -- like the Wild Cajun Seafood that I asked about Monday.


Anonymous said...

We catered from there for a party of about 50 people about a year and half ago. Now the hosts and the guests were all of Indian origin and we found a lot of the dishes to be very oily. So no, we didn't go back again. But the samosas in particular were excellent. But its a little too out of the way for us to just pick up one dish.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about Urvi's, but, Rangoli sucks.

Anonymous said...

I've ordered carry-out from Urvi's many times. The food is awesome and authentic! I love all the appetizers.

Lynn Mann said...

We ate at Rangoli once. The food was incredibly average, nothing to tempt us to drive that far again. Why botyer, so many good Indian places in Columbia now.

HowChow said...

I got an email from Samir saying I wasn't right when I thought that the Urvi's Kitchen Web site was linked to the folks who run Rangoli's.

"Urvi's kitchen was just a bloging website for caterong and nothing to do with actual catering. I used to write blogs on Urvi's kitchen but not ny more. Urvi's kitchen has nothing to do with Rangoli."