Monday, February 24, 2014

Mini Hungarian Sausages At Wegmans

Little sausages = little post.

What more can I say?  Wegmans sells these tiny Hungarian sausages.  They were about four for $1, and they are each a meaty bite.  They have a nice crisp edge that gives way for a juicy mouthful with maybe the taste of paprika.  They're not spicy, but the flavor of spices came through with the meat.

These were a great find -- especially because I have found that salamis that I used to love now have too much fat for me to really enjoy them.  These were full-flavored, but a leaner feel.  I love cooking with Wegman's smokey speck, but these Hungarian sausages serve different purposes -- packed in a lunch, placed on a cheese tray, etc.


Trip Klaus said...

Were you able to find out the name/style of these sausages. The look great and would like to give them a try.

Marcia said...

I went this morning and saw there seemed to be 3 different types (by color). But no sign indicating a difference, just the generic "Hungarian Sausage" sign.

The young man waiting on me did not know what the different types were but knew they were different. He asked someone, I couldn't hear her very well but she said one is addouille, one Hungarian (no further info) and a darker colored one that I couldn't hear about very well but she might have said red pepper.

I got a quarter pound of the Hungarian ones, that gave me 5 or 6 little sausages. Enough for a good taste.