Monday, February 3, 2014

Craving Now: Agua Fresca At Xitomate

Agua Fresca at Xitomate
I am thinking about dinner at Xitomate -- even though I can't exactly remember the drink that is making me crave a trip.

Agua frescas are a Mexican drink made with fruit juice often made by a kitchen that just blends fruit, water and ice.  They can be as standard as watermelon or as exotic as tamarind or tropical fruit mixtures, and they range from a lemonade consistency to a thin smoothie.  But in their many forms, they have become one of my favorite parts of Mexican dinners.  It's like a custom cocktail when I don't want alcohol.

My local spots for agua frescas are R&R Taqueria in Jessup and Xitomate in Columbia.  I highlighted R&R's during Cold Drink Week in 2011, but I'm craving a mid-winter warmup at Xitomate where I could settle in with some hearty food and a fruit drink.  I don't even remember what flavor agua fresca we got at Xitomate, but it's calling me back.


Mike said...

New Xitomate at Turf Valley is now open. Like all restaurants there (Faccis/Grille 620) it already crowded so be prepared.

Beth Philpy said...

Since the day we discovered Azul 17 I've been addicted to the agua frescas. Pineapple/coconut is my personal favorite there! Haven't tried Xitomate yet, but looking forward to it (when my parents visit, we usually end up at Azul 17 at least twice, and they're coming in March)!

Anonymous said...

chain restaurant news: Maggiano's Little Italy will open on the Plaza at the Mall in Columbia, joining Seasons 52 and Zoe's Kitchen


HardtofindTrax said...

Terrific news about Maggiano's, made my day, been to Seasons 52 in Florida and was very impressed.

Eagle14 said...

Went to Xitomate in Turf Valley. Nice to have something good on the Western side of Ellicott City. Wife enjoyed the chorizo and shrimp tacos, while this Mexican guy enjoyed the Cochinita Pibil, reminiscent of my aunt's recipe (she's a native of Yucatan). I suggest most folks stay away from the Habanero salsa, as it is extremely hot, but my personal favorite. Menu is a tad bit pricier than some folks might expect, but worth the experience.