Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trolling: Tim Finds Sushi At Katana In Clarksville, Nudges Me To Find Nicki's Foster's Country Store

Tim's sushi at Katana in Clarksville
Urbanspoon lead Tim to Katana in Clarksville, and I get a "trolling" post out of the fun.

Trolling on Tuesday is my attempt at a series where readers share three things with other HowChow readers -- favorite restaurant dishes, food to buy, food experiences, etc.  Click here for all the Trolling posts.  Click here for the explanation and the rules.  Anyone can submit.

This is a great way for people to hear about places where we have not eaten.  We eat out way less than the blog seems to make people think.  We hadn't been to Katana, so I appreciated Tim's report on Katana and on Maiwand Kabob -- along with reports on the new restaurants coming to Turf Valley and his nudge that lead me to discover another new place Nicki's Foster's Country Store in Ellicott City opens over the next two weeks.

But first, Tim on sushi in the western county:
We stumbled upon Katana in Clarksville, and I have to say we were impressed with the sushi.   Was not very impressed with the Pad Thai from the Thai menu, so next time we will try the Drunken Noodles.  We have still not made it to Sushi Sono, but it's high on the -- list, just not as convenient to get to from Western HoCo. 
At Katana, we started with a Negimaki Beef. One of my Japanese favorites, theirs was barely average. Then we shared a pad thai and three rolls; 8 piece Tim Rolll (from the special board), six-piece Hot Summer Roll and I think an eight-piece Sweet Heart Roll.  All three rolls were excellent.  Pad Thai was just okay. 
We have been really digging the Afghan pumpkin appetizer at Maiwand Kabob, in Columbia.  That is pan fried baby pumpkin topped with yogurt sauce and ground beef. Many Afghan places have this dish but it's truly amazing at Maiwand. 
We are anxiously awaiting the opening of Red Parrot and Mimi's Kabob at Turf valley, they both look really close to opening. I will say I was sad to hear that Mimi's will not be offering pizza at the Turf Valley location, according to someone at the Clarksville location, hopefully that will change. 
I mentioned to you last summer about the old Foster's country store on Rte 144.  They have been doing a lot of work on the inside, looks practically finished to me.  Maybe someone else knows something?
I didn't know anything about the new country store, but Google did.  I found a Facebook page for Nicki's Foster's Country Store on Rte 144 in western Ellicott City.  I can't tell the details there, but there is chatter about homemade donuts and fountain drinks.  Tim says they put a sign outside Monday that says: Quiet Opening, February 19; Grand Opening, March 1.


Anonymous said...

Love reading about new places to explore. Thank you! :-) Re: Nikki Fosters Country Store .... I found more information on "Linked In" giving more information about

Sherringham said...

I miss Fosters a lot, glad to hear it's coming back! They always had a great deli selection and their chicken salad and egg salad were delish. They also had good chili and the ability to call in an order for easy pick up around lunchtime.n

Anonymous said...

Ichiban Café is now serving ramen. Found this by accident on Saturday. The pork (tonkatsu) was very good and hit the spot on a cold winter day. I will try the shoyu and miso next time. Of course, I'm not sure how authentic this is but still worth the trip.

dzoey said...

If you're in west county, there's also a Katana in Mt. Airy, across from a good BBQ place called Carterque

Trip Klaus said...

Sadly, stopped by Foster's this morning and was told they have closed (hopefully temporarily) due to some issues with the property. They said to follow facebook, to see when they will re-open.