Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tigi's Ethiopian Restaurant And Market

Veggie platter at Tigi's Ethiopian
When we left Tigi's Ethiopian, we felt like we had just eaten dinner in Tigi's home -- warm, cozy and comforting food served with a smile.

Tigi's is a new restaurant just off Rte 40 in Ellicott City.  It's a storefront with a small open kitchen serving the stews and other dishes from Ethiopia.  Disks of the spongy injera bread, topped with stews that range from mild to spicy, smooth to crunchy, and meaty to vegetarian.

This is a homestyle place.  Pretty tables, colorful art, and a friendly host who cooked and served our entire meal.  We aren't experts in Ethiopian cuisine, but we loved our dinner.  We ordered a vegetarian platter, then got feted with a tasty lentil sambusa and cups of coffee.

Go to Tigi's this weekend.  Ethiopian welcomes the experienced and the new.  Our experience says Tigi's matches the flavors of places in Silver Spring and Washington -- injera made from teff, earthy lentils and split peas, fresh tomato salad, and spicy chicken.

For new folks, I'd recommend a sampler platter.  The menu in the restaurant has several veg and non-veg platters, but we just asked for a double-serving of whatever vegetables Tigi suggested.  You'll get some lentils, some vegetables, some meats if you want.  We sampled a finely-chopped beef (michet abish) and spicy chicken (doro wat).  Tell them what looks good, whether you like spicy or not, whether you want chicken, beef or lamb.

This is still a new restaurant.  It was quiet last night.  Completely casual and a place you could definitely bring kids.  We really want people to find Tigi's and check it out.  Try the sambusa appetizer -- like a small samosa, crisp and stuffed with spicy lentils.  Try the coffee.  This is a friendly spot and unique for Howard County.  Go.

For more opinions on Tigi's check out comments on prior posts and Tom's post on HoCo Rising.

Tigi's Ethiopian Restaurant & Market
8459 Baltimore National Pike #14 (Rte 40)
Ellicott City, MD 21043

NEAR:  Tigi's is on the south side of Rte 40 east of Rte 29.  It's just across from the Normandy Shopping Center.  Tigi's is in a row of shops with the C & B Italian Dely.  They face Rte 40, but they're behind the Dunkin' Donuts.

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Anonymous said...

Do they do takeout?

HowChow said...

Yes. They do takeout.

I saw one comment from someone disappointed by the amount of meat in the takeout. But Tigi lavished us with food. So I would give it a try.

Stephanie T said...

Totally unrelated, but of the utmost importance... RIP Wordbones.

Susanna said...

Thank you for letting us know about Tigi's!! Went there last night, and had the best Ethiopian food I've had in many, many years. Very casual, very good prices, amazing flavors. We had the vegetarian sambusas and sampler platter #13. The greens had a wonderful depth to them. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, but the beef tips and ground beef in a turmeric sauce were amazing. The paprika lentils had a wonderful flavor, and the hot sauce had some great nuances and a touch of vinegar. For two people we had plenty of leftovers. Food came very quickly. Spent a great deal of time talking with the owner too--his wife makes everything daily. They used to do catering before opening this--perhaps they can still do some upon request? This will be our go-to Ethiopian place from now on, our go-to casual place, our go-to great food place! In fact I am probably taking the kids there tomorrow!

Amber F. said...

We went for lunch today, and it was fantastic. We both liked it more than Soretti's, and the servings were more generous, as well. Both Tigi and the gentleman working were kind as can be, and very helpful. We will definitely be back!

Unknown said...

Went there for dinner a couple weeks ago with the parents. The vegetable sambusas were preferred over the meat (go vegetarians!). Tigi was super nice and her daughter was the cutest thing so I definitely agree that it was like eating at her house. The food was great, didn't get to try the coffee but that's the plan for next time.

Susanna said...

I am so in love with this place I had to blog about it!! Thank you so much for letting us know about it!

Amy said...

Ate at Tigi's last night for the first time, it was lovely. Tasty food, great options for the vegetarians, and attentive service. Can't wait to go back!

Lisa. said...

Tigi's is where my kids are always begging to go, they love the food so much. Ages 9 and 12. I like it very much too, and the owners are so nice.

bellete tessema said...

Heard rumors that Tigi's is coming up with a Food Truck soon. Get ready Howard County..............