Thursday, May 23, 2013

Link: The Washingtonian Is Eating In Laurel

Todd Kliman of the Washingtonian ran an online chat today, and he started with his standard opening:  "Where am I eating now?"  The answer: Laurel.

RG's BBQ Cafe, Laurel

Let me get the key criticism out of the way first: The ribs come off too easily from the bone. That's not a small thing if you're one of the barbecue mad, of course, and it nagged at me all night after eating here, because the pork itself has the requisite lusciousness and the sauce is a pitch-perfect balance of tanginess, sweetness and heat. . . .
Click here for the entire chat.   Then check out our local critics -- the 2 Dudes -- writing about Red, Hot & Blue in Laurel as well.


HoCo Connect said...

Red, Hot and Blue in Laurel is my favorite restaurant for ribs and pulled pork. The ribs with dry rub are the absolute best anywhere. I am always afraid to order ribs anywhere else because Red, Hot and Blue has spoiled me. The onion loaf is also an absolute must appetizer.

Marcia said...

The potato salad at Red, Hot & Blue is pretty hard to beat. I guess no one in their group tried it.

Some years ago I got food from RH&B for a surprise birthday party for my husband. People are still talking about it! Get some foil pans (carefully packaged so no spilling) of meat and sides, pick up some craft beers and you have yourself one tasty & easy party!