Thursday, May 30, 2013

Get Special From The Specialists: Short Ribs From Laurel Meat, Shrimp From Today's Catch

Shrimp from Today's Catch and short ribs from Laurel Meat Market
If you want something special, then you should start with the specialists.

The '34 Act Gourmet planned a special dinner, so he took the time to stop at some local spots for the main courses.  Short ribs -- bought from Laurel Meat Market.  Wild shrimp -- bought from Today's Catch in Columbia.

Shrimp and ribs with Korean side dishes
They're a little drive, but you should check them out for great food and a little advice.  Laurel Meat Market -- like the other local butchers like Boarman's in Highland and J.W. Trueth's in Oella -- cuts its own meat.  So you can talk to a butcher about special cuts like the chunks of rib that the '34 Act marinated and then grilled on his deck.

Those weren't thin-sliced Korean kalbi.  Those were fist-sized chunks that revealed bone as they cooked, then cut meaty and rich.  They were an exotic to me, and he went over the top by adding skewers of wild shrimp.

The '34 Act balanced the meat with some Korean side dishes that he bought at the H Mart in Catonsville.  The tang and spice of kimchi pairs perfectly with grilled meats, and it worked again here.  I completely over-indulged with an entire skewer of shrimp and three pieces of beef.

The local butchers and seafood markets provide special spots, a real chance to know your butcher or fish monger.  They get good stuff, and they will do special orders.  I need to update my guide posts, but the old ones provide a place for you to start.  Check out this 2009 post about butchers or this 2009 post about seafood markets.  But note that I don't update old links, so you may also want to scroll down the right column and just click on the labels for each market.


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It'd be awesome and a great help to the community (and local businesses) if someone would make a foursquare list of the local butchers and seafood shops. :-) Something akin to this by AnnieRie -

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