Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Link: Serafino's Closed, Maybe Reopening

Serafino's in Ellicott City has closed and has a sign saying that they'll re-open this summer, reports the Columbia Patch.  This is an Italian spot that we haven't tried, but Andrew Metcalf said they're talking about renovations and maybe a change in concept.


Eric said...

That's a shame. We don't go there often, but do enjoy it. Quite a number of years ago they closed in one spot and it took them more than a year to open in the current spot.

Anonymous said...

It is not ashame, this place was terrible. I ordered a meat lasagna, it was either a smashed meatball or a hamburger on top of lasagna noodles topped with tomato sauce. The problem with this eatablishment is too many to count. Highlighting a few... the owner never to be found, no management, it is staffed by young adults and teenagers, who could care less. The concept they need to change, is um the whole place. I will say this they were much better when they were in smaller venue.