Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pistachio Baclava At Nazar Market: It Could Make Your Dinner Party, But It Should Be Your Treat

Don't buy a candy bar when you can snag two quick pistachio baclava at Nazar Market in Columbia.

You're doing errands.  You want a treat.  Treat yourself, but don't just buy a Snickers bar.  Grab a few sweets from the display at the front of Nazar's Market.

This is central Columbia at Oakland Mills Road.  Across the parking lot from Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery.  Down Snowden River from Target or Wegmans.  Nazar has a great halal butcher and a selection of cheeses and packaged goods that draw a big circle around Turkey -- basically from Romanian cheese to a few Indian frozen items with a emphasis on Turkish items from chocolates to grains to juices.

Ooooops.  These didn't get home.
So you could buy a plate of baclava for a dinner party.  You can do great Middle Eastern shopping at Turkish Nazar and the Persian Pars Market a few blocks south.  The baclava -- with their flaky pastry soaked with honey -- could be the crescendo of a meal with grilled lamb kabobs and a pilaf.

But you can also just grab two baclava as you run errands.  They could be your treat.  You could put them on the passenger seat and nibble them down as you drive to the post office or to pick up day care or whatever else you need to do.  Your spouse never has to know.

Unless you blog.

Hey babe!  I'll get you baclava next time!  Most of the great stuff gets home.  Remember the candied fruit from Tere's Latin Market?  Or those burgers with Laurel Meat Market bacon ground into the mix?  Or all those delicious items that I brought home from Roots.

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Judith said...

You are so right. These are wonderful.