Monday, May 27, 2013

Link: The Best Potato Salad In Howard County

You need to start eating summer foods, and the Urban Bushwoman has the first suggestion with her call for the best potato salad in Howard County.

The UB posted about potato salad from the Columbia Grocery at the Atholton shopping center in southern Columbia.  She talked up the potatoes, the dressing, the tartness from the mustard.  

I'm game to try the salad.  I'm with the UB that most potato salad comes heavy and not worth the eating, so I'm up to try something better.  LisaB and Macsmom chatted about the post on Twitter, and I have to admit that I hadn't been inspired when I checked out the Columbia grocery.  So I'm pleased to see that there may be a find there.
Anyone else have recommendations for summer foods?  Other great potato salad?  I have some posts to come about grilling and the outdoors. 

(Update: Check out the comments below.  One reminded me that Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery has great potato salad.  Consider all the posts about Bon Fresco.)


Annie Rie said...

Boarman's has awesome potato salads. More than one kind. Try a sampler.

They are almost as good as mine ;-)

I make mine with fingerlings, honey mustard, mayo, scallions, capers, relish and hard boiled eggs. Salt and pepper. Splash of cider vinegar.

Karen said...

Unless they've changed recently, even though the store was sold a few years back, the same people make the salads. We live close by and those salads are legendary!

Anonymous said...

Not quite HoCo, but, Red, Hot and Blue has amazing potato salad.

Southern Skies Coffee Roasters said...

Bon Fresco has the best potato salad I've ever tasted.

Quick story... back in '97, I used to eat at Columbia's Best Deli when Gerald Ko owned it. I fell in love with his potato salad. Flash forward to last year when I went to Bon Fresco for the first time: I had the potato salad and immediately began looking around for Mr. Ko. I had no idea that he owned it, but that taste was so distinctive that it awakened 15 year-old memories.

That's how good his potato salad is!

asg said...

SSCR has it right - any potato salad has a pretty steep uphill climb against Bon Fresco's.

Rob said...

I have to go with the Red Hot and Blue comment, just over the Ho Co line but that stuff is amazing.

Stephanie said...

Bon Fresco gets my vote too.

Treetop Tom said...

The deviled egg potato salad at the deli at MARS supermarket is terrific, as is their old-fashioned country slaw (not the creamy Amish-style). We never eat BBQ without them. Add a bottle of Almond Smash and a nice smearcase for dessert - Baltimore eatin' at its finest.