Thursday, January 10, 2013

Restaurant Weeks Are Here - Make Reservations

Howard County Restaurant Weeks start next Monday and run for two weeks of specials at 20+ spots from old standards to new kitchens.

Check out the official Web page for participating kitchens and the specials that they've announced.  The options include high end kitchens like Aida Bistro and Iron Bridge Wine Co. through casual spots like Diamondback Tavern and the Melting Pot.  Find yourself the place that you want to try and a night that you'll enjoy.

If you're looking for a new place, check out my list of best restaurants in Howard County.  Then just noodle around.  On the right column are a search box that just searches HowChow and then a long list of cuisines and restaurants where you can click for all the posts about a certain place.


Jessie said...

Someone -- I'd suggest the event organizers -- should make a Foursquare ist of all the participating restaurants! And encourage people to check-in and write tips. Social media phase 1 is accomplished: people/orgs use tools and it's gone from cutting-edge to mostly mainstream. Now, the next step to take includes integration and using the tools with greater purpose.

A twitter hashtag promoted and supported would be wise, too. #HoCoFood is the easiest, if not necessarily specific to the event.

Trip Klaus said...

Stopped by Cafe de Paris for their Restaurant Week lunch yesterday. Once again they have one of if no the best "deals" of RW with a two course lunch for only $10.13. While the amount of food is well worth the money, the execution/flavor really lacks. The soup of the day was a pleasant beef barley that could have come from a can. The Alsatian tart was an odd piece of flatbread covered with swiss, bacon, red onion and either cottage cheese or ricotta (depending on which menu you believe)accompanied by bagged mesculun mix. The cannelloni was rescued from Chef Boyardee land by the slightly gamy, lamb-like meat filling. Finally the turkey pastrami sandwich would have cost $10 or more many places so from a value standpoint was a winner. Sadly the turkey tasted like deli ham and the shoestring frites were not well made.

All in all sadly I think this is what often plagues Cafe de Paris. The menus often read better than the food itself.

Perhaps it's only worth the money without being a real "deal".