Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Getting Tigi With It: New Ethiopian Restaurant And Market Coming To Rte 40 In Ellicott City

Ethiopian food is coming to Howard County -- at least according to a sign for Tigi's Ethiopian Restaurant and Market spotted on Rte 40 in Ellicott City.

Until now, the the closest Ethiopian restaurant has been Soretti's in Burtonsville or takeout from the refrigerated case in Roots in Clarksville.

But today Jessie X spotted the sign for Tigi's.  The sign was on Rte 40 near Rte 29.  I have to admit that we're exchanging quick emails so I didn't confirm whether that's east or west of Rte 29.  Jessie noted that it's "behind the Dunkin Donuts" -- but there is one Dunkin' Donuts just east of Rte 29 and one just west!

(Update:  That's east of Rte. 29.  Erin comments below, plus Jessie X confirmed using landmarks for the locals.)

I'll update with more, and feel free to add a comment if you've seen the sign.  Quick searches didn't find anything on the Web.


Jessie said...

East, West, North, South ... ack! I'm a woman and use landmarks. It was on the side with the special "lingerie" shop (not that I have been there or envision I ever will be). Near here - https://foursquare.com/v/italian-delly/4bb61a202f70c9b6dfde8430

Btw, who's up for making a Foursquare list of ethnic grocers and food shops in #HoCoMd? ;-) Something along the lines of https://foursquare.com/jessiex/list/12-price-burgers-in-howard-county-maryland

Erin Kristensen said...

That would be the DD East of 29 near Tere's and the Italian Delly.

Alex M. said...

@Jessie, on your half-price burger list, Ranazul in Maple Lawn has half-price burgers on Sundays after 3, at the bar only.

Alex M. said...
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Rob said...

Yelp has a pretty good entry for the Italian Delly.

Anonymous said...

So I ate here yesterday. I called ahead and ordered carryout, according to this menu:


For only 14 bucks, the shifinfin meat combo seemed like a great deal so I ordered that, but was then told over the phone that it was actually $18, so I instead ordered the doro wat chicken for $12.

When I got there, it had a very typical hole in the wall feel--ambiance isn't the main focus, the small tables all have plastic t ablecloths, etc etc.

The man working was very nice, and the establishment seemed clean. He said they had only been open for a month. They also sell a few grocery type items, such as spice mixes, clarified butter, etc. He handed me a very hefty carryout container and I paid and left.

When I got home, I opened it only to see that the heft all came from the injera. There was a big injera on the bottom, another injera on the top, and between them, a hunk of chicken breast about the size of my fist (and I have a small fist), a hard-boiled egg, and a lot of sauce.

The food was actually very good, but for the price I feel like I got almost nothing. I obviously didn't eat most of the injera--I probably only used around half of one of them to eat the chicken and the egg, and had to throw out the rest.

It was a shame because it tasted so good, but I probably won't be back. I like the carryout Ethiopian I get in DC, where they have the two injeras, but between them you have a filled container and much more affordable combination plate options.