Saturday, January 5, 2013

Food Lovers Guide To Baltimore Is Hot Off Press

Food Lover's Guide To Baltimore
If you're looking for good eats around Baltimore, check out the new Food Lovers' Guide to Baltimore by Kathy and Neil Patterson of the Minxeats blog.

I haven't gotten my copy yet, but Kyle had the sense to pre-order on Amazon.  I had thought the book was coming out in the spring, but Kyle got his copy this week.  Here is his first look:
Even though I have lived in HoCo for 15 years and MoCo/PG for 20 years before that, I'm still Washington suburbs centric when it comes to food. With the help of HowChow, I feel I've mastered the HoCo food scene. However, I'm really not as  familiar with the Baltimore food scene as I should be. This is where the new book fits in. It arrived January 3, much earlier than I expected. 
The book starts with a list of the best foodie blogs in the Baltimore area, HowChow included. Lists the major food events then launches into all the different Baltimore regions. Each region gets a foodie faves, food landmarks and  specialty stores, markets and producer listing section. Baltimore County gets its own three sections, and HoCo is included in the 'worth the drive' section with other adjoining counties. Regrettably, market/specialty food stores are not included in this section.  Out of 25 entries, HoCo is represented in 16 of them. So if you follow HowChow, you won't see many HoCo surprises. However, Sushi Sono is there but Sushi King is not. I bet there will be some lively discussion about what made it and what didn't. The book concludes with wineries/breweries, food trucks and recipes from local restaurants including a recipe for raw beet ravioli from the vegan HoCo fav Great Sage. 
What I really like about the book is how comfortably written it is. Minxeats has a nice friendly informative style and includes a lot of local history about each region. I think the book will really help me crack into the Baltimore food scene especially the markets and specialty stores in Baltimore and Baltimore county. 
The link for the book goes to Amazon though an affiliates program.  They give me credit when people buy through the link.  So I encourage that!


Anonymous said...

Great summary of the new book, but your link to Amazon (at the start of the post) has some problems, and doesn't work...

Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff said...

That's awesome! Congrats to them!

HowChow said...

@Anon -- Thank you. I fixed it. The HTML still goes over my head often.