Monday, January 14, 2013

New Lunch Buffet At Bangkok Delight

Bangkok Delight now offers a weekday lunch buffet
A new lunch option comes under the spotlight thanks to David Hobby, the local behind the Strobist Web site.

Bangkok Delight in Columbia is a casual Thai spot that was one of our regular when we lived off Rte 108.  We keep forgetting the place when we are planning dinner.  We really need to go back.  I miss the green curry.

But you should hit the place for lunch because David reports they're introduced a Thai buffet -- $9.50 for six or so entrees, including curries, lo mein, pad thai chicken, etc.  Plus, you get salad, rice, wonton soup, and vegetarian spring rolls with a cherry/chili sauce that David recommends:
It's pretty much a buffet of many of the lunch specials they have always offered, so you can choose as you go. The food is very good, IMO.

The addition of pad thai is nice, as that is almost never on the lunch special menu. The lunch specials are still there. That's nice if you normally have them and bring home a doggie bag, which you obviously can't do from a buffet. 
But HoCo now has fast, decent Thai food for people who do not have much time for lunch. And being two blocks from a Rte. 100 on-ramp will make it convenient for many. 
The attendant said not a lot of people know about it, so they kind of let it wind itself down after 2pm to avoid wasting lots of food. She suggested getting there between 12p and 1p for best quality and selection.
Bangkok Delight
8825 Centre Park Drive #A
Columbia, MD 21045

NEAR: Bangkok Delight is just up from the Giant off Rte 108 west of Howard High School and east of Rte 29. Bangkok Delight is in the shopping area just north of Giant. Look for the Burger King on the corner.  Centre Park Drive connects to Rte 100, so this is really easy to reach.


Philosoraptor said...

Um, have you had your coffee yet? Your post is kind of a grammatical mess.

HowChow said...

@Philosoraptor. LOL. You spotted the right issue. David had sent me the information, but I was jammed last night. I tried to create a post in a few minutes -- long before coffee. I think I fixed the major grammatical errors. The remaining ones are just a writing style that is still rebelling against eighth grade English.

Jim S. said...

Bangkok Delight is sort of our place to go when we want average QUICK Thai food. Their curry dishes are pretty good. They used to be pretty good, but their quality has gone down over the years. My wife always has an issue every time she looks up and sees all the dust on all the umbrellas hanging over the tables/food. Haven't tried the buffet yet since not usually in that area during lunch time.

Prefer Bangkok Garden 6 or whatever it's name is over in Oakland Mills Village Center, their food is usually better, but service can really be an issue there. We miss the old owners.

EastCoastMatt said...

they advertised their lunch buffet from 11-2 or so, got there around 1:15 after a doc appoint, and they had almost nothing left, and weren't cooking more stuff to refill anything. they said, anything you see is all we have, so you can go off the regular menu if you'd like....

i went for it anyways, as anything off their regular menu was far more expensive than the buffet, but it was pretty disappointing.

kam said...

Note that you can only get directly between Route 100 and Center Park Drive if you're going eastbound on 100. If you're going westbound on 100, you'll need to take the Executive Park Drive exit on the left and loop back (and use the same exit when returning to 100).


Barbi said...

FYI Readers: Just stopped by Touche Touche this morning and the are having a "white sale". When you make a purchase you pick a piece of paper from a box and it reveals your discount, up to 40% off. Not sure how long it will go for, but it is a nice excuse to pick up a cupcake or scone:)

Mike said...

Took a roundabout route to work this morning and saw that the former El Nayar is now another Roma's Pizza (same logo as the one in Phelps Luck neighborhood).

dzoey said...

Took the kids for Friday lunch at 12:30 (a rare 60 minute break between calls). It was very crowded, but there was no line. They crowd seemed more than they were used to and it took a while to get drinks and to get the check.

It was a good selection of food, none of it amazing, but some was pretty good. The Penang chicken curry was quite spicy, which I appreciated since many Thai places tone down the spices too much, but there were gentler dishes with a good amount of flavor.
There's a selection of about a dozen dishes.

From memory:
Veggie curry,
yellow chicken curry
Penang chicken curry
a ground beef dish with vegetables
Tofu curry (quite good)
a mild chicken curry in a thin white sauce - tasty.
spring rolls
won ton soup (thai dumplings)
small pieces of cake w/syrup and coconut.
jasmine rice

I'm probably missing a couple of dishes. It's not as large as the Indian buffets, but contains a good sampling of basic Thai dishes.

I did see a number of people ordering off the lunch menu as well, and their dishes looked good.

If they can improve the speed of service and stock the buffet a little more often, this would be a fast, delicious, spicy lunch time and worth returning to.

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