Monday, January 7, 2013

Chorizo And Cactus Tacos At R&R Taqueria

Nopales and chorizo tacos at R&R Taqueira
All the talk about the new Xitomate coming to Columbia encouraged me to try a little Mexican.

And the R&R Taqueria salsas encouraged me to try some Mexican soda.

Spicy!  There is a cactus taco special right now.  Nopales -- which you can make at home -- served fresh and most with the meat of your choice.  I took a recommendation and ordered the chorizo.  Three tacos for $7, coming with another lesson that R&R makes complex food from that simple kitchen.

R&R's chicken tacos with our barley salad
It's all good.  Fresh, pliable corn tortillas make an earthy base.  The zesty chorizo cooked with tomatoes and the slightly sour chopped cactus.  Then lime and fresh salsas.  A standard red and then a small cup of a habanero salsa that one of the folks offered me as well.  Each ingredient is outstanding, and the kitchen turns out a perfect meal.

The salsas were really hot though.  Hotter than normal.  I rush back to  the counter to buy a tamarind soda.

I need to go back for tacos at Azul 17 and Xitomate.  Until then, check out all the posts about R&R Taqueria.  Watch out for the parking -- as noted by Kevlar51 and Dan.  I carried out two tacos for Mts. HowChow.  They're pretty good even reheated in the microwave, although the salsa was too much.  You can buy nopales at Lily's Mexican Market and at most of the Asian grocery stores, and they're easy to cook at home.


MarkM said...

I had heard all the hype over R&R, so I went there for lunch. I got something with a flank steak that was over-cooked and dry. They had a lot of business, so maybe I picked the wrong thing on the menu.

kevlar51 said...

I'd love to report on Azul 17's tacos. But last time we were there, my wife ordered them and the waiter strongly recommended she try another (pricier) dish--I can't remember what the dish was, but it was pretty terrible and there was no logical connection to someone's desire to get tacos. Hindsight being 20/20, it was a clear upsell from a waiter that left a bad taste in our mouths (no pun intended).

Typically Azul 17 has been good to us though--that was the only bad experience.